Rosehaugh – A House of its Time

Updated for its 20th anniversary edition with new photographs and expanded text, Rosehaugh – A House of its Time tells the story of a dream and a man – James Douglas Fletcher – who spent his fortune and his energy over a hundred years ago to make the dream come true.

That dream took the form of a superb house filled with objects of rare beauty, brought from many parts of the world. The dreamer was also a practical man who bore happily the burden of responsibility for the well-being of his workers, his servants, the tenants of his lands and farms and the people of the neighbouring village of Avoch. The dream has vanished, as all dreams do, but the memory of it lives on in the minds and records of the generations.

The story has been meticulously researched, the photographs evoke splendidly the beauty and the glamour of the house and gardens and of the lifestyle of its occupants. To read it is to savour the rare delights of those Edwardian days.

By Hilda Hesling, Magdalene Maclean, Kathleen MacLeman and John Mills. Published by Bassman Books, 176 pages, 200 colour and black and white photographs, paperback, £15.

The book is available at The Emporium in Cromarty, Avoch Post Office, Picaresque Books in Dingwall, and Waterstone's in Inverness. Or use the buttons below to buy with PayPal or credit card. Contact me if you'd like to buy in bulk, at a discount.

A print of a watercolour of Rosehaugh House by artist Simon Mills is also available.

Rosehaugh, UK
Rosehaugh, UK
Book plus P&P within UK
Rosehaugh, UK£18.00
Rosehaugh, Europe
Rosehaugh, Europe
Book plus P&P within Europe
Rosehaugh, Europe£22.50
Rosehaugh, Worldwide
Rosehaugh, Worldwide
Book plus P&P outside Europe
Rosehaugh, Worldwide£27.00
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