About the Novels

Here you'll find only openings or first chapters – after all, I do still hope to get them published so I'm not going to give away the whole story. If you're desperate to find out what happens after chapter one, lobby your local publisher.

Maggie – A burned-out war reporter returns to her home town to make peace with her mother and end the nightmares – hopes thrown into turmoil by an unexpected face from the past...
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The Gift – All Danny Tyler wanted was a girlfriend and a quiet life. Then he discovered the terrifying gift that would turn his whole life upside down...  
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Five Roads – A motorcycle is freedom. But for Eilidh Mackenzie and the four people who have helped shape her life it can mean much more...  
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This was the one that got closest to being published. Faber & Faber were briefly interested and a Scottish house, 11-9, took the manuscript as far as the final editorial conference. Such is life.


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