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The Trouble With Butterflies

by admin - 16:01 on 29 July 2013

Butterflies are as contrary as pine martens. The moment I decide they’ll be my next subject for snappery is the moment they disappear from the garden. It’s a conspiracy.

Pheasants continue to be regular visitors, especially at five-thirty in the morning. I was woken today by two males shouting at each other – the one on the ground must have been jealous of the one perched on the garden gate.

Typically, though, I’ve yet to capture in pixels a picture of Mr P, his No1 wife and their two offspring enjoying the spilled seed beneath the apple tree feeder. When I do I’ll make a fortune.

Someone who is making a fortune is the author of, and attendant upon, Henri, le Chat Noir, whose book I received recently from Amazon. The work is filled with soulful monochrome snaps and philosophical nuggets such as: “Cats, rejoice when your toy rolls under the refrigerator. You have been freed from jingling plastic subjugation.”

The book misses the gloomy background music on his videos but is worth £6 of anyone’s money. As, of course, is A Cat Called Tess, whose sales are much more modest but continue to grow. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of her death; two days after that her book will have been on sale for a year. She’s still much missed, despite being followed by three entertaining successors.

By the way, today is International Tiger Day. The big girls are just as important as the small ones.

Band Update: Notwithstanding a shameful number of fret discrepancies, my debut with The Fumes in a marquee adjacent to Brora Rangers Football Club was a memorable night: a quiet start was followed by the arrival of an enthusiastic crowd and concluded with everyone singing along to Chelsea Dagger and Take Me Out. I’m now officially one of the band.

The next gig is on August 23 at Foxes in Inverness. With luck there’ll be more dates to report soon.

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