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Pandora In The Sky With Diamonds

by admin - 12:32 on 10 July 2013

Humanity has any number of caffeine-loaded energy drinks and legal highs from which to choose; the feline world has just one drug of choice – catnip – although Tess, typically, felt nothing when presented with drug-riddled playthings, unlike The Pride.

Its birthday presents included two small catnip mice for The Fearless Ones and a much bigger catnip fish for Maia, stolen from her within minutes by envious no-longer-kittens.

Since then, all three have enjoyed frantic playtimes with an increasingly drool-soaked fish, their fun starting out with much wrestling and hind-legs-scrabbling before dissolving into a spaced out purple haze.

Pandora 27.jpg

If The Cat Police arrive on the doorstep to take Matchgirl into custody for supplying drugs, followed by Moggy Social Services to place The Pride in a place of safety, I won't be at all surprised. At least it means the birds are left alone.

Not that there are many around at the moment; it's the time of year when the garden goes quiet. Or maybe the unexpected heat has reduced avian activity.

Young Woodpecker 6.jpg

So I was lucky to snap a young woodpecker this morning. Catching them on a close-by branch is almost impossible, as they're the most skittish birds in the garden, but this one gave me a few seconds before realising it was being watched.

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