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A Mystery Revealed

by admin - 17:08 on 08 July 2013

First things first (because I know you've worried) – Willow is hale, hearty and enjoying life just as much as she did before her run-in with one of the Mystery Moggies.

Her recovery didn't go without a hitch, however. Twenty-four hours after being seen by Dr Locum the ailing puss was unchanged, unwilling to leave her carrier and with no appetite. A return visit to the clinic revealed a "raging" temperature, treated with stronger antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory from The Syringe That Cures Everything. After that she perked up quickly.

Since then, Matchgirl has discovered more claw marks on our unlucky feline who must have been held momentarily in the two-paw grip favoured by lions attempting to bring down a wildebeest. It's all action in The Rural Retreat's garden.

But today's big news has nothing to do with cats. The Mystery Project can now be unveiled: it's Moray Firth Dolphins by Tim Stenton.

This morning, the excited author and I motored to Tigger's lair in Findhorn where we collected half of a substantial print run of the latest title to grace the Bassman Books list. It was examined closely, declared good, and transported to the Black Isle where Squirrel James has very decently agreed to store it. With luck he won't have to keep the books for long because Tim intends to spend the rest of this week visiting possible outlets and posting copies to readers in the know who pre-ordered their copy.

His 104-page, full-colour, glossy paperback epic features as many snaps of the eponymous creatures as anyone could wish for, plus information about their habits, where to find them, how to photograph them and lots of other dolphin-related text. It's a snip at £15. I'll list sales outlets as he finds them.

The book will also be available through his website, but as he's not yet got it up and running there's little point in posting a link. I'll let you know when it's active. In the meantime, I have a small supply available direct from Bassman Books. Anyone impatient for their copy should contact me to make arrangements. Tim, being a generous soul, will charge nothing for post and packing.

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