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A Fox In The Garden

by admin - 17:46 on 15 June 2013

The Rural Retreat's garden can be divided roughly in two (if you ignore the drive, on either side of which are untrimmed grass and weeds – ideal hunting ground for almost-cats – and the far-distant bottom of our acreage, given over to blackcurrant, raspberry and gooseberry bushes, gorse, broom and ferns but dominated by a huge fallen pine branch).

On the left of our willow tree is the carefully tended lawn, meticulously weeded flower beds, the apple tree and what remains of The Nutella Tree; on its right is our uncultivated plot, split by some roughly mown pathways to enable us to get around and reach The Bonfire That Is Never Lit. That's where I hoped we might find a few resident hedgehogs, and close to which I set the Bushnell a couple of nights ago.

The snaps it took were unexpected: not hedgehogs, freeloading felines or wandering pine martens, but something that looked distinctly foxy. I repositioned the Bushnell in an attempt to get a better look. Nothing visited the night before last but the following night our prowling visitor was back, at 1.30am. And it's definitely a fox.

Fox 3.jpg

We shouldn't be surprised. Mr Dogwalker (of course) has seen foxes so there's no reason why they shouldn't pass through the Retreat's environs. I'm delighted to learn we have even more wildlife than I thought in the garden; Matchgirl was pleased too, notwithstanding the threat to nocturnal moggies.

Fox 2.jpg

Squirrel James won't be impressed by the grainy monochrome snaps – he's recently found urban foxes in Glasgow who'll sit and pose for a picture. Rural foxes have more caution, so I'm happy with the evidence I have. But I'll keep the Bushnell in action in the hope of something better, and maybe some video too.

Fox 1.jpg

Music Update: I passed the audition and I'm now bass player with The Fumes (who really must do something with their website). They've been off the road for a while but expect to gather gigs soon – Johnny Foxes and The Room in Inverness are eager to know when the band will be available, which is a promising sign. Brora Gala on July 27 is pencilled in as the comeback gig. I'd better keep practising.

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