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Back In The Old Routine

by admin - 15:18 on 24 April 2013

It's surprising how much a kitten can grow in a seven days. Matchgirl and I came home yesterday after her marathon triumph to discover that Willow is now almost the same size as Pandora. What were Soo and Tony feeding her?

The Pride, unpredictably, appeared pleased to see us, although that didn't stop The Fearless Ones from returning to the garden following lots of food and attention. Meeting their needs was the second thing that Matchgirl did after entering The Rural Retreat. The first was to switch on the heating – she'd grown accustomed to the sunny south, and an athlete so full of aches and pains needs the warmth.

Her hobbling and groaning has lessened since yesterday, but The Highland Hypochondriac now fears that if she didn't have a stress fracture before the run (she was never totally convinced that she didn't) then she has one now. Adam the physio will have that to deal with on Friday.


Richard, our host in pre-London Leamington Spa

Despite that, she's still grinning (when she's not gurning) and intends to do another marathon, although not in London; I still have my fingers crossed for Bermuda. Her sense of achievement was such that, on the day, she would have allowed me to post a snap of her showing off her medal. Unfortunately, since then her craving for anonymity has returned so you'll have to use your imagination. When her aches allow she'll describe her success in her blog.

Jephson Memorial

Memorial, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

I made little use of the Pentax during our week away but the three snaps that survived show a wide range of styles. I should be out now, taking more, but the next Chatterbox and The Mystery Project have first call on my time, although The Great Calendar Crisis has also occupied its authors today.


Somewhere in London, straight out of the Sixties

The calendars, which you'll recall were printed with the last page back to front, were returned to us yesterday with the pages correctly ordered and a bonus of dog-earred corners and smudged back covers. We were not amused. The Devonians, to their credit, have offered to reprint the lot and send them to us, at no extra charge, bagged and with cardboard stiffeners inside. They'll even let us keep any pristine copies from the first batch, so all being well we may have some for sale tomorrow. Watch this space.

More printing excitement was provided today by Tigger and Co who have given me a date for completion of Rosemarkie People and Places. I won't put a jinx on by revealing it, but with luck Freda's book will be in the shops late next month.

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