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At Large In London

by admin - 15:57 on 19 April 2013

London is still one of my not-favourite places, especially after three relaxing nights at Chez Richard in Leamington Spa.

Relaxing is relative, however – Matchgirl is as high and low as a manic depressive on ecstacy, one moment in the depths of gloom because she's still convinced that her hip niggle is a stress fracture, the next filled with excitement because The Big Day is almost upon us.

This morning, when we left Son of Seat to be cared for by Richard and boarded Chiltern Railways' London link, she was ready (again) to pull out of the marathon. Fortunately, by the time we'd negotiated Marylebone Station and the Circle line to reach the Tower Bridge Novotel, she was excited again.

After we'd unpacked I made a brief sally along the Thames and back while she went to explore the runners' Expo, buy all the vital extras she didn't realise she needed and get her hip and leg taped up by experts, thus ensuring it won't fall off on Sunday.

Tonight we're to see Singin' In The Rain at the Palace Theatre. Tomorrow will doubtless feature more highs and lows before she takes her place at the start line on Sunday. What a star.

Moggy Update: Cat-sitters Soo and Tony report that The Fearless Ones have already spent a night on the bed with them, and that even Maia has allowed herself to be stroked. I don't think we're special to them at all, the ingrates.

Late Extra: Matchgirl returned from the Expo with lots of shopping, with advice from one of the UK's top athletics coaches, but without her specs. She's now making an emergency dash to the nearest Boots in the hope of finding a temporary pair, otherwise she won't see the musical or her way around the marathon course. At least it should stop her worrying about her hip.

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