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Raided By Roe Deer

by admin - 16:17 on 12 February 2013

The soon-to-be Not Chief Chatterer would have been impressed to see me seated at the Mac at eight-thirty this morning, busy with the latest edition of the not-quite-award-winning Black Isle Chatterbox, scheduled to hit the streets in a few weeks' time.

The Pride had been fed, and was downstairs doing its own thing when suddenly it wasn't – two agitated kittens, one with an extremely fluffed tail (Willow), closely followed by Maia, erupted into The Kittenry to let me know that not all was right with the world.

My first reaction was to wonder what had got inside to chase them. Then I became aware of Pandora staring through the crack in the curtains into the garden. I did the same and discovered a roe deer grazing peacefully on (I presume) seed dropped from the apple tree feeder.

Roe Deer 2

Downstairs, I realised that a second was doing the same beneath the feeder near the living room window. Two roe deer in the garden! In daylight!

The female near the window must have registered movement when I picked up the Pentax (wrong lens; not on the tripod) and trotted to the apple tree where her velvet-horned mate or brother (I'm no expert) foraged. I managed a couple of hurried snaps through the kitchen window (with reflection in the glass) before they clocked me and ran for it.

Roe Deer 3

It may or may not be coincidence (but probably is) that yesterday I upgraded the quality of the seed in the feeders. The Bushnell, which has lately seen little use, may be employed tonight.

Our three brave cats spent the rest of the morning with me in The Kittenry, where I worked and they slept: Maia and Willow on the sofa-bed, Pandora on the desk. The snap is one taken a couple of days ago that I'd forgotten about.

The Pride 5

Late Extra: Here are the deer cropped more tightly - a bit fuzzy but a better look at them.

Roe Deer 3.1

Roe Deer 2.1

Comment from Matchgirl at 18:53 on 12 February 2013.
That's so amazing! Good thing that the girls alerted you to them. There are some benefits to having cowardly cats...xxx

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