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It's What All The Cats Are Wearing

by admin - 20:04 on 08 February 2013

The Fearless Ones have lost a little of their innocence. Now six months old, the kittens are learning to view strangers with caution. Or maybe they didn't like the look or aroma of Squirrel James' wellies when he entered The Rural Retreat yesterday evening after tramping around his secret forest where he's erected a new secret hide. Which is a secret.

Pandora and (of course) Maia ran for the stairs as soon as they heard his knock; Willow stayed down but joined them as soon as he attempted intimacy. A further attempt to curry favour with kittens resulted in a huge hiss on their behalf from Maia, who takes her stepmother duties seriously.

James left chastened, not for the first time. Minutes after he'd gone the felines resumed their frolics.

Maia suffered more indignities today when she (and we) endured the wearisome road to Aberdeen where she underwent her allergy testing. The results were unfortunate: The Angry One (as James has christened her) is allergic to clover pollen, grass pollen and dust mites – not the best combination for the resident of a country cottage where housework is an optional extra.

Dr Supervet will concoct a desensitising concoction for us to inject every few months. We'll ask James to give her the first one.

Our black cat now has a shaved patch on her side, just like the mini moggies, but filled with neat rows of pinholes where allergens were injected. Ventilated vestment is definitely The Look this winter.

Band Update: Strawdogs' final rehearsal before Saturday's gig took place yesterday evening. Greg, our new singer, looks like he's about to face a firing squad. If you want to support him, the rest of the band, and the charity SANDS, be at the Chieftain Hotel in Inverness from 8pm on Saturday. DJ, band and optional chip butties; £5 entry.

Comment from James at 21:38 on 08 February 2013.
Oh lucky me! I will look forward to my appointment with The Angry One.

As for the secret hide, it won't be a secret to those who come on one of my wonderful wildlife workshops to photograph squirrels,crested tit and woodpecker.
Comment from Amanda at 10:54 on 09 February 2013.
James-I'm still waiting for you tell me where the secret place is for the pine martens-remember that deal ? :)
Comment from James at 18:23 on 09 February 2013.
I do indeed and if I succeed in getting them coming I'll let you know. I hear the rural retreat is a hot spot?

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