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A Perfect Purchase For Pampered Pusses

by admin - 16:03 on 04 February 2013

Feline antics and snaps thereof have figured lightly in the blog of late – an inexcusable oversight when at least half its readers are daily agog for the latest moggy news – so here's a round-up of recent events:

Matchgirl's pampering of The Pride continued with the purchase of the Pet Mate Pet Fountain: a "multi-height drinking station" which constantly circulates water through its three levels so thirsty cats never have to put up with refreshment that's less than fresh.

Predictably, Pandora made use of it within minutes; Willow tested it and returned to the water bowl; Maia hissed at it from a safe distance.

"Ramp reduces water splashing" states the product description. Several mop-ups suggest that the design still needs a few tweaks to cope with rampaging kittens.

Wind and rain have conspired to keep The Fearless Ones indoors for much of the last few days, and even Pandora declined to leave The Rural Retreat today after contemplating the icy blasts and snow flurries currently sweeping across it. Matchgirl, however, is delighted to see even a hint of snow since the meteorological miss last month.

At the moment it's not settling. If it does, Maia's trip on Friday to meet Dr Supervet may be postponed, especially as the venue has been switched from Glasgow to Aberdeen and requires an early start. The A96 in winter can be tricky.

Willow 10

There are a few quiet spells in the cottage. Yesterday evening, for the first time, each member of The Pride settled down to snooze in the beds Matchgirl chose for them more than four months ago: Maia in the big one, Pandora beside her in the smaller one, and Willow curled up on the other side of the room in the smallest, one paw draped nonchalantly over the side.

Cats know how to be comfortable.

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