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Signs Of Spring

by admin - 15:25 on 24 January 2013

Chatterbox's uncertain future was resolved (in the short term) yesterday evening when The Chief Chatterer decided not to quit forever, but to take a break from the stress of heading the Black Isle's favourite soon-to-be-award-winning (she's convinced) community magazine.

When the spring edition is out of the way, in March, she intends to lie down in a darkened room for three months (or possibly six, or more – the editor's indecision is final) and recover. In the meantime, I'll take her place.

As I'm already subbing and laying out the magazine, doing advertising admin and keeping an eye on the website, I might have to take her place in the darkened room when she returns. If she returns...

On The Doorstep

Back at The Rural Retreat, I was in no mood for blogging last night but the day's Snapathon shot was already safely taken – it's the remarkably snow-free view from the bottom of the lane that runs past the cottage. I still fail to understand what all the fuss is about.

Snowdrops 2

Emerging snowdrops is the subject today, enhanced in Photoshop with diffused glow. Anyone who believes that's to disguise unintentional soft focus is completely mistaken.

Snowdrops 1

Moggy Update: Matchgirl returned to her own bed last night and left The Fearless Ones free to wander without their bonnets, now that they can be trusted not to interfere with their stitches. They chose to spend the night on our bed, much to a grumpy Maia's disgust. Crowded, was the word, but it's good to see them back to normal – so normal that yesterday Pandora was again climbing the coats behind the door to emphasise her wish to be outdoors, less than a week after her operation.

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