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Mini Moggies And A Malcontent Mac

by admin - 23:06 on 18 January 2013

Matchgirl takes seriously her role as surrogate mother of two recuperating kittens. Last night she chose to sleep in The Kittenry, where she could keep a close eye on our bonneted felines in case they attempted anything too strenuous for their condition. She'll be with them tonight too.

Some efforts at jumping have been made but the calming effect of the bonnets means that The Fearless Ones spent most of the day dozing on the sofa-bed while being watched by Matchgirl or, when she reluctantly left to spend some time in the gym, me.

Maia's usual position is outside The Kittenry door, yowling to be let in. When allowed inside she checks for food, hisses at the kittens (who ignore her), then yowls to be let out again until she feels it's time to yowl to be let back in. Whether her hiss is directed at mini moggies or bad memories stirred up by their bonnets isn't clear.

So where are the snaps? Surprisingly, I've taken only a couple, but at the moment I'm unable to put anything on Flickr because my Mac monitor is playing up, which means I can't process the snaps, my ancient G4 being the only machine in The Rural Retreat with Photoshop.

The flickery-then-dead-then-alive-then-repeat screen scenario has played out several times in the past, after which it's gone away. Today's the worst it's been. With luck I'll just need to swap the graphics card (I have a spare somewhere); the worst case is a defective monitor I'll have to replace at (this being Apple) great expense or great risk by buying a cheap secondhand one on eBay. That or buy a compatible monitor which may not display colours as I'd wish.

The problem may have righted itself again tomorrow, until the Mac's next hissy fit (maybe it's imitating Maia), but until then I'll have to live online through my netbook and Matchgirl's laptop. What a nuisance.

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