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The Lady Of The Rings

by admin - 20:57 on 28 December 2012

A quest there was; a perilous journey begun deep in The Dark Island, on past the Misty Mountain of Wyvis, through the fabled land of Ross into the glittering city which stands sentinel at the mouth of the turbulent River of Ness and beyond to The Mighty Mansions of Vue, for the beauteous Lady Matchgirl had vowed that this day she would gaze upon the face of the creature known as The Hobbit.

Her gorgeous crimson charger, the fearless Agent Cooper, was her conveyance upon the Great Southern Road which some call the A9. Beside her was the handsome and noble knight Lord Bassman, no lover of hobbits but determined to be of service should orcs unleash a fearsome ambush from the wilderness of Tore, or fire-armed dragons make bid to carry her away to their gold-lined nests by swooping down as the voyagers crossed the vasty chasm spanned by the time-worn Bridge of Kessock.

They prepared for their encounter by feasting in the marbled halls of Cafe 1, of whose splendours the beauteous Lady Matchgirl had sung on many a moonlit evening in praise of exquisite morsels prepared by The High Land's finest chefs and fine wines transported from the far-flung corners of the world.

Fortified, the intrepid venturers braved flame, sword and the fearsome Interchange of Raigmore to find journey's end at the paradise which some call Inverness Retail Park, home of The Mighty Mansions of Vue, where they joined the hordes gathered to pay homage to Hobbits, Dwarfs, Elves and the other noble inhabitants of The Lands of Ceegeeye.

Many days they spent there (Lord Bassman believed at least a week had passed) before they emerged into the darkling night and were seized by monstrous One-Way Eagles which sped them safely home in an instant where they were welcomed with famished pleasure by The Dark Lady Maia and her fearless companions.

The beauteous Lady Matchgirl declared that, such was her joy with The Hobbit, she would meet him again soon. The Lord Bassman will stay at home, for he believes such peril may be endured only once.

Comment from James at 22:42 on 28 December 2012.
I fell asleep during the first half hour but awoke in time to enjoy the rest.
Comment from Soo at 14:25 on 29 December 2012.
I sometimes worry about my brother...

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