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Festive Felines And Scenic Geese

by admin - 14:59 on 26 December 2012

Christmas Day was a quiet day in and around The Rural Retreat for Matchgirl and The Pride, and I went only a little further to fulfil my promise to keep Squirrel James's moggies fed while he and family gallivant somewhere in the central belt.

We do small gifts at Christmas, not bank-busting ones, but I was happy with a year's subscription to Outdoor Photography (Matchgirl obviously wants me out of the cottage more often). My beloved was delighted to receive two pottery cat statuettes. Not that we've a feline fetish going on...

The Pride received a few more toys then spent an hour playing with paper scraps and a paper clip. The ingrates.

Gourmet Kittens

Matchgirl produced her camera for the big day, first to capture two gourmet kittens picking up the finer points of cheese sauce-making (or waiting to scavenge when my back was turned)...

Christmas Cat

...Then to capture Maia, mesmerised by the festive flicker of our jolly table wreath.

The Pride 5

In reply, here's a portrait of The Pride taken a couple of days ago, artfully cropped to exclude what could be seen of Matchgirl – which wasn't a lot, but her anxious anonymity continues.

I spent longer out today, as would be expected of an Outdoor Photography reader, in the hope of snapping some crested tits. Many were seen but no snaps were worth keeping. I'll have another go tomorrow, weather permitting. The best I could manage were some scenic geese on the way home


Comment from BikerMike at 19:54 on 27 December 2012.
Do my eyes deceive me or are the two gourmet kittens sitting on the table?? Me thinks you and Matchstick Girl might be a bit too indulgent. :-)
Comment from Russell at 23:03 on 27 December 2012.
They're allowed almost everywhere except the kitchen work surfaces - so that's where they want to go most. Trying to keep them on the floor would be impossible, unless you've found a way with yours?
Comment from BikerMike at 09:46 on 28 December 2012.
Kitties not supposed to be on kitchen counters or dining table. Like yours, they don't pay too much attention unless I'm there but they know they are not supposed to. Sometimes when I head to the kitchen I'll hear the thump as Miss Speedy hits the deck and then she bolts past me heading to the lounge with a guilty look on her face.

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