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Music On The Move

by admin - 23:37 on 06 December 2012

Classic FM is fine in its place, but the nuances of orchestral composition, especially pianissimo, are lost when competing with engine and road noise. So Son of Seat's final free treatment by Hawco's spanner-twirlers today was long overdue.

Replacement of his defective aerial base means I now have a wider choice of in-car entertainment than commercial classics and Moray Firth Radio, which were the only stations whose reception was halfway reliable. And no-one should have to suffer MFR.

Hawco's expertise with wiring means I can reconnect with Radio 2 and Radio 4 when on the move. What a relief.

Broadcast entertainment has also taken a small step forward inside The Rural Retreat, where the television has a new black box attached to it because Matchgirl is unable to live without a digital facility for recording and live-pausing her favourites. The delight on her face when she returned home late tonight and found Masterchef ready to begin was something to behold. She's easily pleased, fortunately.

Pandora 15

Just as pleased with life is Pandora, who's turned our rocking chair into her personal possession. Happiness is a snoozing kitten.

Pandora 16

Book Update: After delivering the latest order of Bumper Books and Tesses to Waterstone's today I took the opportunity for a browse along their shelves. Along the way I stopped to leaf through Peter Cairns' recent opus, Caledonia – Scotland's Heart of Pine, which shared a table with other fine Scottish books including a Bumper one.

That's how I came to hear a shopper be advised by an assistant on the merits of several books, including one "on the Black Isle by local photographers. It's a beautiful book and has sold very well."

I resisted the temptation to reveal myself as one-third of the authors in case they thought I spent a lot of time lurking in the vicinity of our book in the hope of hearing praise. Which I don't, of course. Honest.

Comment from BikerMike at 07:30 on 07 December 2012.
Go on! Fess up! You were lurking. :-)))

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