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Maia The Motorist

by admin - 19:19 on 02 November 2012

Maia is a born back-seat driver. Admittedly, she spent most of the first hundred miles to Paisley shouting “Are we nearly there yet?” every ten seconds, but she quietened down not far from Perth. Maybe she enjoyed the mellow autumn scenery after the dramatic snow-capped peaks around Drumochter.

The motoring moggy (bonnetless) shared the back of Son of Seat with her carrier and Matchgirl, free to emerge if and when she chose. Matchgirl, who'd feared a manic cat who'd get tangled with the accelerator pedal, need not have worried – the sensible puss stayed close to her blanket and a comfy lap.

We would have arrived almost an hour early, so it's as well that we missed the turning off the motorway. This allowed us to see the sights of Paisley as we wound our way through the town centre towards Dr Supervet's premises.

The consultation lasted around forty minutes, during which our Emo cat was poked, prodded, shaved (a little), scraped, bled and examined closely. She bore everything with her customary fortitude and put the trauma far enough behind her to spend much of the return journey curled up asleep (or doing a very good impression) beside Matchgirl.

With us we carried a bagful of new pills and potions to use on her, plus pre-emptive flea killer for her and The Fearless Ones. Blood and skin will be checked for any sign of parasites; when they've been ruled out, only allergens will remain as the cause of Maia's condition. These can be tracked down at a later date – when, doubtless, even more money will change hands.

Although Maia's kept her opinion of Dr Supervet to herself, I suspect she may sympathise with Henri's bleak view of life and the medical profession. Black cats have it tough.

However, the day's award for the noisiest feline was won this evening by Pandora, whose repeated cries for freedom while pacing the doormat make us wonder if she's a fast developer and eager for the company of gentlemen cats. There's two months before she and Willow can be spayed. It may feel much longer.

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