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The Trouble With Judges

by admin - 21:36 on 30 October 2012

Yesterday evening furnished further proof that snappery competition judges live in a different world to the rest of us.

I was unable to attend Dingwall Camera Club's latest gathering, at which an external expert passed judgement on the entries for the first of the season's competitions, but Squirrel James was there and was not impressed.

Mr Know-All picked fault with most of the snaps, he reports. Worse, the expert declared a dislike of cat pictures. The bounder must be a dog enthusiast. As two of my three entries in the open contest featured felines, this was not good news. He didn't even choose an overall competition winner.

He did have some faint praise for my third snap, of a goldfinch, which I threw in at the last minute. The cats were much better.

Goldfinch 10

Maia didn't feature among them – it's difficult to take a prize-winning snap of a cat in a plastic bonnet – so maybe it's just as well that her trip down south has been confirmed: on Friday we take her to meet Dr Supervet in Paisley where her swellings and skin will be examined. If we, and she, are lucky, the vet will take one look and know what's wrong; if we're not, she'll have to return in several weeks, when her system's clear of steroids, for some serious tests to determine the cause of her allergies.

Perhaps, when she's restored to health, she'll stand up more to The Fearless Ones, who've discovered a new game – pretending they're lions. Watching then leap on to and hold her neck is to see a gazelle being brought down on the veldt. Poor Maia. Sessions of communal grooming and sleep suggest that they're still friends really.

Another cat made an appearance tonight. I'd hoped that one of our martens would drop by while the Autumnwatch team was telling everyone how rare they were, but all I saw was Mystery Moggy sniffing around their supper. Maybe tomorrow.

Comment from James at 21:56 on 30 October 2012.
The judge gave some good comments and he was very accurate about my images but there's always a but with some judges, especially this one....

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