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The Many Woes Of Maia

by admin - 15:24 on 26 October 2012

Life may be one long game for The Fearless Ones, but for Maia, our Emo cat, existence is mostly to be endured.

Today she returned to Dr Death's clinic for a scheduled visit, pursuant to solving the mystery of the allergy (or, more likely, allergies) that plagues her. After examination by Dr Vet, her treatment's been adjusted and a few suggestions made for easing her discomfort. Her bonnet will stay on until the wound on her side has healed, which should not be much longer.

Dr Vet agreed with my observation that poor Maia probably ended up on the streets after being kicked out by a family who couldn't cope with the medical dramas or didn't have Matchgirl's financial resources and bottomless well of compassion. If Maia was a car, the SSPCA sold us one with a respray, an exhaust stuffed with wire wool and a dodgy log book. But she's here to stay, despite her lack of service history.

Maia 2

Maia, temporarily freed from her bonnet

On the way home, in a bid to ease the piteous mewling which had accompanied our drive to Dingwall, Maia was allowed out of her carrier and on to Matchgirl's knee, where she seemed much more restful and disinclined to scratch. This may have had something to do with Dr Vet's suggestion, made in the hearing of our unhappy moggy, that she should see a skin specialist in Glasgow – the thought of that journey is enough for any right-thinking cat to get herself better as soon as possible.

Maia stayed indoors when, later in the day, The Fearless Ones were allowed out for a second unharnessed but closely supervised romp in the garden. Running, jumping, climbing and sniffing culminated in sensory overload which could only be eased by putting them back indoors.

Pandora 10

Pandora gets a taste of the great outdoors

Both had been allowed out yesterday, on their leads because I was alone. However, two independent-minded kittens and one carer doesn't work, especially after Pandora spotted an agitated wren in some fallen willow tree branches. I returned, alone, with the Pentax but the wren had gone. My compensation (unsnappable, unfortunately) was a glimpse of a bird I'm almost certain was a goldcrest – the smallest bird in the UK and the first I've seen around The Rural Retreat. And this just days after the garden was visited by the largest bird I've seen in it: a heron. All avian life is there.

Talk Update: Yesterday evening, James and I were the guests of Forres Camera Club where we repeated the talks we gave at Dingwall CC a few weeks ago. Our reception was warm, I sold a few more Tess books and I won the raffle – what more can one ask?

My ambition now is to get on the Women's Institute circuit where I can give my talk and further increase sales of Tess and The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery. Or maybe you're in a club that needs a speaker? Get in touch and I'll check my diary.

Market Update: Tomorrow my wares will be on sale from 11am to 3pm at Resolis Hall, between Newhall and Newmills. Other high-class goods will be on offer, plus a menu featuring soup and sweets. How can you resist?

Weather Update: The first light flurry of snowflakes swept across the garden this afternoon, although nothing settled. The worst is yet to come...

Comment from Soo at 17:23 on 26 October 2012.
Umm, no pictures of Willow again?
The pictures of Maia and Pandora are very nice but I want to see some more of Willow please...
Comment from Russell at 17:41 on 26 October 2012.
I'll do my best but she's very fast outdoors.

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