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Indoors And Outdoors

by admin - 18:43 on 21 October 2012

Squirrel James (soon to hold his first wildlife photography workshop – the business empire begins now) posted more red squirrel pictures today. They're undeniably good, but in his heart of hearts he must know that he bothers with them only because he doesn't have kittens.

The Rural Retreat, on the other hand, can boast two fine examples who today enjoyed their first extended harness-free frolic in the garden. Not that this was planned. Pandora darted through the door when Maia returned from a stroll so it seemed only fair to let Willow join her.

Herding kittens is even more difficult than herding cats. They tend to stray towards garden boundaries, leap up trees in a manner likely to induce cardiac arrest in Matchgirl, hide in bushes and explore holes in the ground. However, a good time was had by all, although at the end of it I had only one alfresco kitten snap worth keeping (they're fast little blighters and refuse to hold the wildcat-clinging-to-a-vertical-tree-trunk pose long enough for me to focus the Pentax).

Pandora 7

Snappery began indoors this morning

Pandora 8

They paid for their fun, though. Two exhausted kittens went straight to bed when they came back inside the cottage. Maia was worn out too, and what she did most was watch.

Maia 3

Maia began her garden fun unencumbered by her bonnet, but a scratching session meant she had to be dressed again later

Maia 4

Tales of our mini-mogs have meant good news for two homeless waifs in Southampton: after reading of The Fearless Ones' exploits, Biker Mike was inspired to visit his local rescue centre. The unfolding saga of his life with kittens can be followed on his blog, Two Cats and an Old Goat, complete with pictures.

Pandora 9

Pandora discovers the willow tree – the spirit of Tess lives on

The lack of Willow snaps isn't down to favouritism (whatever Matchgirl believes) – simply that I didn't take any worth keeping. I'll try a special photoshoot of our miniest mog another time.

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