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Kittens On The March

by admin - 23:18 on 13 October 2012

The much-missed Tess, long-term readers will recall, wasn't averse to going for a walk with her servants, occasionally covering as much as the almost-a-mile circuit from The Rural Retreat, up the lane, past the ruined steading, through the woods and home.

We thought those days were over. We were wrong.

The Retreat is playing host to house guest Richard so we thought it a hostly thing to give him the opportunity to observe kittens being taken for a stroll. (Maia had no desire to join us). This afternoon, Pandora and Willow were put into their harnesses, leads attached and allowed into the garden, from which we thought they were unlikely to stray.

But after some brief exploration and spirited attempts at tree climbing The Fearless Ones headed down the drive and into the wider world, under the careful supervision of Matchgirl, me and a bemused Richard.

The kittens clearly enjoyed their ramble, as did the rest of us. The camouflage-jacketed father and two young sons who crossed our path also shared the occasion, the dad gazing in amused disbelief. His boys watched with disinterest, obviously being used to kitten-walkers.

Back home, two tired mini-mogs were soon fast asleep – but not fast enough to miss the sound of their tea being prepared. Sore paws don't much affect appetites.

Some readers may doubt the veracity of this tale. However, photographic proof exists: the Pentax went with us and was handed to Richard for him to capture the scene and the notoriously camera-shy Matchgirl. Whether the snaps will be made public depends on her approval of a version in which her face is pixillated into obscurity. Watch this space tomorrow.

Comment from Soo at 14:05 on 14 October 2012.
I can't wait, Matchgirl must allow at least one on! I believe you but to see it, two mini-mogs carrying on where Tess used to go what a legacy to Tess.

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