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Jane Austen, Son of Seat and Mr X

by admin - 15:35 on 12 October 2012

We've been putting it off, but Maia's over-licking and nibbling of herself has led to the ultimate sanction – she now wears the dreaded upside-down lampshade, known to the veterinary world as a buster collar.

Surprisingly, she was very acquiescent when Matchgirl and I fitted her new apparel yesterday evening. Even more surprising was that she didn't try to dislodge it when we weren't looking or find an alternative way to scratch her itches. She's calmed down so much that we wish we'd put her collar on earlier, especially as she now looks like a Jane Austen heroine.

Matchgirl, who always wants the best of everything for her feline companions, today replaced the clear, cheap plastic collar supplied by Dr Death's clinic with one in see-through pink, giving our usually gloomy black cat the opportunity to see the world through a rose-tinted haze.

This may not cheer her up, for this morning it struck me what we took on when Maia came into our household: a character all in black, a loner, depressed, a self-harmer – our cat's an Emo. If we come home to find her listening to My Chemical Romance our fears will be confirmed.

More cheery (for me, anyway) is that today I drove home Son of Seat, my new(ish) car. The shine was taken off the occasion, and the car, by the torrential rain and flooded roads I had to negotiate to get him there.

The Rural Retreat is now almost marooned with sandbags piled against the door and more water visible than at any time since I moved in. The rain continues to fall. If there's no blog post tomorrow, please come and rescue us.

Criminal Update: Mr X, who allegedly took and wrecked Mr Ford, is the main (probably only) target of the police investigation. On Sunday I've to visit Fortrose cop shop to give a DNA sample, for elimination purposes. If I can get through the floodwater...

Comment from Amanda at 23:15 on 12 October 2012.
Thanks for continuing to entertain with your witty blogs !
I hope Maia soon recovers and you've not sprouted webbed feet overnight.
Comment from Russell at 08:05 on 13 October 2012.
The flood's receded but Maia, aka Emo Jane, is still a gloomy girl. Life is hard.

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