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The Very Hungry Kittens

by admin - 23:23 on 09 October 2012

The Fearless Ones are now around twelve weeks old and thriving. How old that makes them in human years I don't know, but if their appetites are anything to go by they're both teenagers.

When Willow first arrived she was sometimes fussy about what she ate. That's all changed: every mealtime is an eating race with Pandora, the winner helping the loser to empty their bowl.

It was quickly established that the famished felines have to be fed in The Kittenry, well away from Maia, and they have to be fed first. If the galloping gourmets suspect that Maia has food, as soon as The Kittenry door is opened they're through it like greyhounds and down the stairs to bully the big cat away from her meal, too greedy to wait a few seconds for their own to be served.

Cat biscuits are all stored as far away as possible from hungry kittens; even the bird food isn't safe from prying paws. Constant vigilance is vital.

Maia's life is much more sedate. Tonight, nearing ten o'clock, a series of plaintive cries suggested she wanted something but I couldn't work out what. She didn't want to go out; she didn't want to play; she didn't even want food. A mystery – until my movements happened to take me near the stairs, when she shot past me and upwards.

Our big black cat wanted to go to bed but didn't want to go alone. No wonder she's bullied by kittens.

Book Update: The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery's recent award has brought it to the attention of Scotland Outdoors magazine, whose editor has requested a review copy. I was happy to oblige and look forward to another sales surge when the country's hikers read all about it.

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