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A Fate Worse Than Death

by admin - 20:49 on 05 October 2012

We may have discovered, after yet another trip to Dr Death's clinic, why Maia became a stray.

Unlike The Fearless Ones, who continue to leap and frolic around The Rural Retreat, our big black cat, despite bouts of playfulness with both us and the kittens, has never shown much sign of a light-hearted disposition or consistent joy in life. At first we put this down to the stress of her incarceration at SSPCA HQ in Inverness followed by an unsettling move to a new home where she's pestered by cheeky youngsters. Matchgirl also posited OCD as a reason for her failure to thrive.

However, Maia's latest symptom – some laboured and wheezy breathing at night – may provide the clue to her malady. Dr Vet diagnosed asthma, most likely brought on by an allergy. But an allergy to what?

This is the kind of mystery that Matchgirl likes to get her teeth into. Much internetery is taking place as she decides the plan of action which will isolate the foodstuff, household cleaner, fabric or flea responsible for her feline companion's unhappiness. In the meantime, steroids have been prescribed and there's talk of blood analysis. There's also such a thing as a kitty inhaler. Tess would be proud of her successor.

All of which may explain why Maia – who's clearly at home in a house, as demonstrated by her sharing of our bed at night – ended up wandering the streets of Edinburgh: perhaps a previous owner found her condition too much trouble. Matchgirl's made of sterner stuff; special food has already been ordered, money no object.

But Maia faces even more trauma. If the steroids don't reduce the urge to scratch and lick herself threadbare, the upside-down lampshade will be brought into play. Poor puss.


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