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A Dismal Day In Dingwall

by admin - 21:29 on 22 September 2012

It's to be hoped that The Bumper Book's award-winning success leads to a business boost, for other snappery-related activity currently contributes little to The Rural Retreat's financial well-being.

The Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book 2012 (already publicised on the website of the North Star – Eilean Dubh is the people's choice) continues to sell steadily, but a lucrative June and July, with regard to print and card sales, declined alarmingly in August. September looks set to be worse, especially after a dismal afternoon in Dingwall where nearly all the stallholders at the town hall craft event, me included, failed to break even. A few promises of future purchases were made; whether they'll be honoured is another matter.

Tess, whose sales have so far been more promising than spectacular, saved me from a complete blank and went on to win support from Tore Gallery, where I made delivery of a new consignment of Bumper Books. I showed the boss her book with only faint hope of it being taken, for the gallery is a seriously arty place, but it was snapped up straight away, albeit on sale or return. The boss is confident of selling many copies. I hope she's right.

So next week I'll do the rounds of my card outlets to find out if they're ready for more. That's if I can borrow Agent Cooper – there's still no word from the police about the state of Mr Ford, or when I may see him. Of course, next week Random House should be in touch to offer thousands for a stake in The Bumper Book and all will be well.

Feline Update: Pandora (her socks now snowy white again) is proving to be a complete kitten cliché. This morning, to Matchgirl's horror, she fell seven feet through the stairs, although she did land on all fours. Later, as an experiment, I placed an empty cardboard box in front of the fireplace. Our mini-mog spent a happy time jumping in and out then savaged a ball of paper. Who needs expensive cat toys?

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