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The Patience Of A Saint

by admin - 18:02 on 18 September 2012

Life is good for The Rural Retreat's new feline residents, who treat the premises as if they've owned them for years.

They're so relaxed that, this morning, Maia curled up beside me in her place on the sofa while the kittens found a snoozy place on my lap. This meant I could get done little that was constructive but a relaxing time was had by all.

After a while, Pandora left my lap to join Maia. I hoped that Willow would do the same, and provide my first snappery opportunity of a three-sleeping-cats jumble, but our miniest mog preferred to stay with me until the peace was shattered by a great tit who tapped on the window. Pandora was the first one there but her attack was foiled by the glass.

I fear for the Retreat's wildlife when three moggies are allowed outdoors, especially as two days ago Matchgirl and I made our first sighting this year of a common lizard. It was good to see a member of the Prescott Clan, which had suffered from Tess's attentions, back on its gatepost. A three-pronged assault on Mrs Marten could also end in unpleasantness, but for whom I wouldn't like to guess.

Maia is not yet completely relaxed, however. The big black cat who allows both kittens to chase her has still to grow used to visitors, as Squirrel James can testify. When he dropped by this morning, Maia retreated to her usual stranger-assessing spot, halfway up the stairs. His attempt to stroke her turned some throaty growls into full-blooded yowls and teeth-bared hisses, to the consternation of two cowering kittens who'd never before heard their playmate roar.

Their concern was brief. Maia's tail was under attack by Pandora just minutes after James had slunk away, while Willow lay in ambush, ready for her turn to pounce on a cat three times her size. Our alpha cat must have the patience of St Felix.

Comment from James at 21:26 on 18 September 2012.
I am still traumatised by that vicious and unprovoked attack!!

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