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Life In The Fast Lane

by admin - 17:30 on 16 September 2012

Never having produced children, I can now for the first time appreciate the golden hours between putting them to bed and being there yourself. Kittens know how to have fun.

Pandora and Willow have been given the run of The Rural Retreat twice: on both occasions they took full advantage. Much chasing, play-fighting and charging up and down the stairs was performed and full use made of the cat activity centre, bought by Matchgirl, which features a springy mouse and two enclosed balls pattable by small paws.

Maia joins in too, sometimes to show who's the boss, sometimes to allow herself to be chased by tiny Willow, but more often than not she crouches beneath a chair to watch two feline terrorists rampage across the carpet and over the furniture.

Pandora 5

Pandora in an uncharacteristically thoughtful pose, and in black and white looking remarkably like Tess – her tabby markings become more pronounced every day

Both have investigated The Tess Memorial Shelf; Willow has made a preparatory sortie on to the curtain rail above the door; Pandora is planning the day she'll climb the stairs from beneath and on the wrong side of the bannister; the back of the TV is proving worryingly interesting. Maia seems as big as a panther alongside the two mini-moggies, but if she's fed before the kittens' dishes are filled she's pushed out of the way in seconds. Nothing's as greedy as a hungry kitten.

It's fortunate that they admit they're tired as soon as they're returned to The Kittenry, which meant we could watch Strictly Come Dancing in peace, last night. I'm undecided who to follow this year, although Victoria Pendleton, Jerry Hall and Johnny Ball are all in the running – plus the man lucky enough to dance with Ola Jordan. I still miss Cheri, though. She was robbed...

Comment from Soo at 08:12 on 17 September 2012.
You really need to get over this obsession with Cheri and move on...
Comment from Russell at 08:16 on 17 September 2012.
I can't! I can't!

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