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Five Miles Of Joy

by admin - 23:02 on 14 September 2012

Mr Ford's future looks grim. The police phoned this afternoon to tell me that he was in Inverness after being recovered from the shore beside the Jemimaville to Cromarty road. Damage had occurred but they wouldn't know how much until he'd dried out, after which I'll have the opportunity to examine him.

They have some strong suspects, I was informed. Whether any of the names coincide with the one which, independently, both Matchgirl and I gave them remains to be seen. I won't name names because I'm a responsible reporter who knows all about libel and contempt, even if there's not yet a case to be sub judice. But the police recognised the name. Little yob.

Later, I found what I assume to be the crash site: skid marks beginning on the wrong side of the (not-even-very-bendy) road, ending in torn grass, broken branches and a five-foot drop. I hope someone was hurt. There was no vehicular debris so the recovery team must have cleaned up.

If the car had been found abandoned with an empty tank, three hundred miles away, that would at least have been an adventure; being smashed up by an inept local joy-rider who couldn't stay on the road for more than five miles is pathetic.

Anyone got a low-mileage car for sale that would be comfy for a six-foot-six driver?

Again, it was kittens to the rescue. Today's snappery was a failure but the continued integration of Pandora and Willow with Maia is much more successful. All three socialised so well today that this afternoon a delighted Matchgirl was able to recline on her bed surrounded by a snoozy adult cat and two playful kittens.

A few cuffings of over-exuberant youngsters had to be carried out – the alpha female can't allow tail-tweaking to go unpunished – but stability has been achieved. This was confirmed by the kittens being allowed downstairs into Maia's domain and, despite Matchgirl's fears, remaining unsavaged.

The three bonded further after Willow disappeared beneath the chest of drawers in our bedroom and refused to emerge. Matchgirl removed the bottom drawer to find our smallest and cutest kitten tearing into a long-dead mouse bequeathed to her successors by Tess. Pandora and Maia joined in the fun until Matchgirl was able to remove the remains and return the mini-felines to The Kittenry.

The kitten-wrangler limped downstairs, exhausted, while the youngsters continued to noisily expend energy by chasing each other around their room. Cats-to-be become increasingly playful between three and six months old, she informed me. Life looks set to be hectic.

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