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The New Girls – The First Snaps

by admin - 18:32 on 08 September 2012

Wonder no more – Matchgirl has named the kittens Pandora (grey and white) and Willow (all grey). My suggestions of Kate and Pippa and Kit and Kat were dismissed with scorn.

All three newcomers continue to settle in well, although Maia becomes unnecessarily excited every time anyone even passes through the kitchen. Life on the streets must have left her ever conscious about where the next meal comes from.

She's proving affectionate, sometimes nervous, and has already taken Tess's place on the sofa, displacing me into the armchair. When the kittens are allowed downstairs I'll probably end up on the floor.


Maia – the moggy Matchgirl thought was the same size as Tess has turned out to be half as big again. Tess really was a little girl.

But that won't be for a while yet. Pandora (Pansy for short, I've decided) and Willow will stay upstairs until they and Maia have established their hierarchy – something that could take weeks or months. Earlier would be better, however: kitten poo is particularly pungent, even absorbed into cat litter, and the atmosphere of The Rural Retreat's upper storey has already acquired a distinctive odour. Maia will stay indoors for two weeks before being allowed out under supervision.


Willow relaxes on the sofa in the office/music room/spare bedroom that's now The Kittenry

Both Matchgirl and I took the first snaps today; you'll find hers on Facebook. As I refuse to use flash my results are mere happy snaps but good enough to introduce you to the new residents. There'll be lots more.


Pandora makes use of my office filing system – kittens have no shame

Tess, I'm pleased to say, sold four more books today. What a star.

Comment from James at 22:40 on 08 September 2012.
Nice to meet you today girls. You'll have the perfect life in the RR, it's a place for cats. :-)
Comment from Soo & Tony at 14:12 on 10 September 2012.
Beautiful cats, delightful names, we cannot wait to meet them all.

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