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So Many Cats...

by admin - 17:24 on 04 September 2012

The Rural Retreat's state of catlessness may not last much longer. Matchgirl has already been in touch with Cats Protection to arrange the necessary home visit needed before we'll be considered as suitable new owners; today she visited the SSPCA in Inverness to meet their needy moggies.

Her plan is to offer bed, board and 24-hour valet service to two siblings or good feline friends, but I was unsurprised when she returned home to tell me about three: two grey female kittens and an unrelated black female cat with a sad back story and an aloof character similar to Tess's. I will go back with her tomorrow, to discover if I meet their approval.

In addition, I'll be there to dissuade Matchgirl from bringing them home before she's seen any other contenders, including two calico cats on the CP site with whom she's fallen just as much in love. She also has her eyes on several other cats, all with their own appeal and pitiful histories. She'd take them all if she could.

Almost all, that is – tabby cats will not be considered because they're too painful a reminder of Tess.

As for Tess, she could soon become a children's favourite in the Carribean. A friend's daughter, who at the end of the week swaps Ross-shire for Martinique, will take Tess's book to help youngsters learn English. Our photogenic moggy can already be found in Scotland, England, Germany and three states of the USA. What a star.

I'll need to make a few more sales than planned after recent correspondence with Yorkshire Bank, which has hit me with unplanned overdraft charges for a cheque that took me into the red for four days. It's my fault for moving too much into another account, although the real culprit is Tigger, who took more than four weeks to cash my final payment for his printing services. No wonder I forgot to leave in enough funds.

Despite being a customer since joining the Yorkshire Penny Bank in junior school, my mistake will not be forgiven by the grasping bankers. They probably need my penalty charge to help pay for their next lunch.

Aberdeen Update: The Granite City and surrounding countryside was surprisingly warm (though flat) and the food and drink good. The art gallery was worth a browse, especially the exhibition honouring Aberdonian Annie Lennox, but Ted was spurned in favour of The Imposter. Go and see it.

On the way home we stopped at The Nairn Bookshop to offer my wares, with the result that A Cat Called Tess is now on the shelves. The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, to my confusion, was already there – ordered through wholesaler Gardners. Future orders will be made direct, to our mutual financial benefit.

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