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Not Long Now

by admin - 19:56 on 08 July 2012

Writing a blog involves crossed fingers (which plays havoc with typing) because even with the help of a stat counter it's difficult to assess how many regular readers I have, or what they think of my literary outpourings when they're too shy to comment.

So it's pleasant to receive an unsolicited testimonial, especially when it comes via a teeth-gritted post on Squirrel James's blog. Thanks, Amanda.

Of course, the truth is that my wordsmithery isn't the main attraction – Bess has more fans than I do. No surprise there.

This bodes well for A Cat Called Tess, which should be digitally delivered to Tigger and Co later this week after I've tweaked the colours in a couple of the snaps and made a final check for typographical errors. Its size has grown from 10x10cms to 14x14cms, which costs the same and looks much better; twenty-one fine snaps of our heroine will feature in its forty glossy pages.

Autumn Cat

An inquiry from Germany (hello Helga and Peter) about when the book will be available provided further proof of Bess's worldwide celebrity. Later this month, is the answer, at the laughably small price of £5.99, plus postage where necessary.

Bess remains unaware of her imminent fame, which is just as well or she'd become even more of a roast chicken-munching, doorstep-yowling diva than she is already and demand her own Facebook page and Twitter account – an idea that's not yet been ruled out.

I may be creating a monster.

Comment from James at 20:51 on 08 July 2012.
Tweeting Tess, I like it!!! Good luck with the book, put me down for a paw-printed copy!
Comment from BikerMike at 07:07 on 09 July 2012.
I'll have a copy too please.
Comment from Soo at 10:40 on 09 July 2012.
Please can we have a copy signed by the author and the star of the book.
I hope Bess is back to her usual self and ill health is not causing her any problems at the moment.
Comment from Russell at 11:33 on 09 July 2012.
Bess is back to her old self so persuading her to put a paw-print on her book may be tricky. I'll give it some thought.
Comment from Amanda at 23:05 on 18 July 2012.
I also would like a signed copy from the star of the show...:)

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