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An Encore At Eden Court

by admin - 23:18 on 30 April 2012

This was the day when The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery's Eden Court exhibition came to an end. But plans change, as Andrew and I discovered when we arrived there, ready to dismantle our work.

The venue's next exhibition had been unexpectedly cancelled, so it was willing and we were happy to leave ours in place for an unspecified length of time. This can only be good, for in the past few weeks a couple of dozen books have been sold plus four of the twenty snaps.

My dismal sales day on Saturday turned out to be not too bad after all. That was the day when a visitor with a discerning eye paid £85 for Cromarty Firth and Ben Wyvis – the most expensive snappery item I've yet sold.

Firth and Ben

It had to be. With the cost of the frame and printing, and Eden Court's commission plus VAT, I'll see less than half of the asking price. But I'm not complaining (well, not much). Someone liked my work enough to buy it and that's still of more satisfaction than the money.

Moggy Update: Matchgirl is cavorting with the Vikings yet again, leaving me to look after our ailing puss. Although her appetite remains poor, Bess is still alert and sprightly – as a very ex-vole testified on Sunday.

Her appetite isn't poor for everything, of course. The cooked chicken that's definitely not a part of her renal diet was received with ravenous enthusiasm, as were second and third helpings. Let's hope she doesn't pay for it in the morning.

Marten Update: The visitor has yet to return in daylight. Looking at my Flickr posts, that's no surprise for in the last three years the first daytime snaps were all at the end of May or the start of June. Saturday's success was a happy combination of right place, right time, sunny evening and handy Pentax. But I'll continue to keep a look-out. You never know.

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