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A Marten By Daylight

by admin - 23:46 on 28 April 2012

It's been a long day – but the climax was worth the wait.

The resident moggy got things moving before 6am, with loud demands for attention, but as I planned an early(ish) start this was not as vexing as it could have been. My failure to take advantage of a lie-in was because my day was spent in Dornoch, whose residents and visitors were offered the opportunity to snap up some snappery at a craft fair.

Few took the opportunity, however, and I returned to The Rural Retreat only slightly in profit, unlike the manufacturer and vendor of fairy doors who needed a wheelbarrow to transport her takings. Fairy doors, of course, are attached to the skirting board to allow their users entry to the home. It takes all sorts.

My recent habit has been to put out snacks for pine martens before 9pm. In future I'll have to do so earlier.

Pine Marten 1

An indignant avian squawking announced the appearance of the year's first daylight marten at 8.40pm. The youngster seemed a little nervous of a mobbing blackbird but not enough to be put off its quest for the Nutella it clearly knew should be on the gate.

Pine Marten 2

Fortunately the Pentax was to hand and proof of the visitor was recorded through the living room window. The heart-shaped face is one I've not seen before although I'm sure its owner features in many Bushnell snaps.

The 2012 marten snappery season has begun!

Pine Marten 3

Comment from BikerMike at 07:39 on 29 April 2012.
Comment from James at 10:34 on 29 April 2012.
Excellent! I would say that these are up there with your best shots? Amazing face markings too. My sightings are also getting earlier but not this early, yet.
Comment from Cathy at 08:34 on 30 April 2012.
Great photos! Looking forward to seeing more - you've set a high standard.

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