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Preparing A Brighter Future

by admin - 21:11 on 18 April 2012

The Rural Retreat's broad acres have a colourful time ahead. Mr Gardener called today and left behind a selection of wildlife-friendly shrubs and flowers which will be planted next week (weather permitting) after some ground clearing, hedge pruning, knotweed lifting and a scattering of grass seed. Most of it to be done by him. I'm no garden artiste.

Nor is Matchgirl, but she's looking forward to one day trying out a selection of brightly coloured sit-on mowers to help take care of what will be a radically expanded grassy area. Fear not – there'll still be plenty of rough land for wildlife.

Bess, whose recovery from her recent indisposition continues apace, will appreciate that. She proved how much better she's feeling today by seizing the first vole of spring – a creature driven beyond caution by the sight of so much spilled seed beneath one of the bird feeders.

The unfortunate rodent didn't survive, despite the attacker's dental deficiencies. The beneficiary will be the first marten to arrive tonight and find the corpse on the garden gate.

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