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The Puppet Mistress

by admin - 22:56 on 16 April 2012

Bess continues to perplex the veterinary world. Her latest check-up revealed a perky puss who's gained weight and whose suspect tooth may be not as bad as first thought but whose renal indicators are still higher than they should be. Dr Vet was baffled.

The planned dental operation has been cancelled, probably for good, because anaesthetic and dodgy kidneys don't go well together. Moreover, continued biscuit-crunching suggests the patient's remaining molars are in reasonable shape.

She objected strongly when Dr Vet attempted to put her on the drip again so further treatment was abandoned and some new pills prescribed. Now all we have to do is persuade Bess that hand-feeding will not go on forever. Except, of course, it will if our manipulative moggy keeps pulling Matchgirl's strings.

Wildlife Update: A late-night snap of an indistinct lump at the far end of the garden might have been a badger. Then again, it might not. Maybe I'll have more luck tonight if Brock's not put off by the sight of an impressively smooth lawn, which today received its first cut of the year, ahead of the monsoon forecast for the rest of the week. There's no drought problem in Scotland.

Pine martens take change in their stride. Two were observed on the gate tonight, half an hour apart. I'm now certain we have at least four individuals and am itching for the light evenings when I can get snaps of their bibs.

Snappery Update: As Squirrel James and Andrew have already established themselves in retail outlets close to home I've had to travel a little further to find somewhere to sell my wares. The search was successful. A selection of my snaps can be found for sale at Tore Art Gallery. Go and take a look – they're just the thing to brighten your home.

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