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An Uncertain Future, Part II

by admin - 19:54 on 13 April 2012

Cats are cunning creatures. However, after teaching Matchgirl to feed her by hand, and on demand, Bess let herself down today by being spotted sneaking a few biscuits from her bowl. Her poorly tooth can't be quite as bad as it was.

The hand-feeding continues for the time being – our malingering moggy knows when she's on to a good thing.

Her excuse for extreme pampering will be over soon, although the date continues to be uncertain following a call from Dr Vet's assistant today. Lack of a vital piece of equipment means that the blood test which precedes planned feline dentistry on Monday can't take place, we were told. It would have to be on Wednesday (all the business performed possibly by Dr Death himself) or on Friday when Dr Vet is available, the day after we're suppose to fly to London.

Matchgirl, for a while, was an unhappy and indecisive bunny.

Then a light-bulb illuminated the top of her head. “Can't you borrow something from another vet?” she inquired of Dr Vet's assistant. The upshot is that on Monday, blood will be drawn from our ailing pet in Dingwall then rushed by emergency ambulance to Conon Bridge for examination. A hot-line will be kept open for transmission of the results back to Dingwall where a crack team of veterinary operatives will be on stand-by, ready for action.

If there is no action, our cat-sitters – currently ambling from Yorkshire to the Black Isle via the scenic route – may find themselves the unexpected recipients of a long weekend in London, for Matchgirl is unlikely to leave the patient before she's given the all clear and it would be a shame to let our pre-paid jaunt go to waste..

Not that Bess would care. One servant is as good as another.

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