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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

by admin - 20:49 on 02 April 2012

The fridge is fully stocked; there's coal in the outhouse and a week's supply of cat food in the kitchen; Mr Ford's tank is full, although there's little chance of him going anywhere. In short, The Rural Retreat is prepared and ready to face The Great White Hell which will envelope it at any minute.

BBC Scotland says that snow will fall, and lots of it, so it must be true. I'm taking no chances: I could be out visiting tonight but if I died in a snowdrift, leaving Bess to fend for herself until Matchgirl's return from Shetland on Wednesday, I'd never be forgiven.

Winter's return is a nuisance, especially after a week of summer. The local wildlife will be most confused.

Goldfinch 8

Yesterday, I had my first goldfinch sightings of the year. In the evening, Mrs Marten and one of the Speedy clan made use of The Feeding Stump at the same time (the Bushnell snaps are not worth showing); a junior marten was seen on the gate, as was New Mystery Moggy.

Bess has been much less active and spent much of the day in her basket. She'll be very disgruntled when the blizzard begins, although all we've seen so far is rain. Time will tell.

Two forthcoming Highland residents won't mind the snow at all. The BBC reports that Highland Wildlife Park is to bring in a buddy for Walker the polar bear and a young male Amur tiger to mate with Dominica, one of Sasha and Yuri's offspring.

Band Update: Four of Strawdogs' five new demo songs can now be found on this site. The fifth might appear soon. Enjoy – but if you want to hear the fine (and occasionally erratic) bass lines you'll have to plug some decent speakers into your PC. They sound fine on my Mac...

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