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Rocking at the Drum

by admin - 11:21 on 01 April 2012

The crowd at the Drumnadrochit Hotel won't forget Strawdogs' debut at the venue, for the gig climaxed with guitarist/vocalist Michael down on one knee in front of girlfriend Andrea. The romantic.

He's not daft, either, for he'd proposed with less fanfare at the interval, just in case he was turned down. Assured of an affirmative, the blushing bridegroom-to-be was then confident enough to make his declaration public.

The rest of the night was fine too, despite misgivings when we saw the place we were to play: three-quarters dining room, the remainder the bar and a dance floor bordered by comfy leather couches and perspex tables. The new management, whose first night this was, must have thought it was getting a lounge act, although Garry had stressed to the boss what we are.

By the time the last meals had been served we'd pushed the couches to one side and set up the gear. Shortly before ten we soundchecked with Molly's Chambers, so the diners would know what was in store, and received a pleasantly enthusiastic response. Not long after ten we began for real, by which time the crowd was supplemented by some of the local yoof.

We finished the gig with Common People and an ill-advised encore of Times Like These, which is impossible to dance to. Another lesson learned. But the crowd was happy, the management was happy and the band was happy, although my decision not to bother with earplugs because we'd kept the volume low was also ill-advised. And Matt the Animal managed to break a stick on his electronic drum kit. Just like old times.

At one point on the journey home Mr Ford displayed an exterior temperature of -1 degrees, mere days after daytime heat of 22 degrees. There was snow on Cairngorm yesterday and it's forecast for Shetland on Tuesday when Matchgirl will be in residence. Winter's not over yet.

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