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A New Toy For The Gadget Queen

by admin - 22:49 on 12 March 2012

When life is hard, buy an iPad – that's Matchgirl The Gadget Queen's philosophy.

At her latest consultation with The Back-up Team she was told not to run for another week but despite that it's still possible she could complete the London Marathon, provided she doesn't mind finishing after the 100-year-old sikh or the guy in the diving suit.

This was unwelcome news for such a competitive runner, so she had to find a way to cheer herself up. The answer, of course, was an iPad 2 – on special offer now that the iPad 3 is out. She's wanted one for ages so this was the perfect excuse.

“Isn't it thin! Isn't it light” she exclaimed when she showed it off to me. And so it should be with no keyboard, no cover and no USB socket. She claims she'll use it for work; I suspect that there'll be more Angry Birds action that anything else.

The Competitive One is almost resigned to deferring her marathon until next year. We'll see.

Marten Update: The Rural Retreat's outside light is enough to illuminate visitors on the gate but a torch is needed to get a proper look at their markings. Fortunately, pine martens don't care, especially when they're busy with a lump of Nutella.

Yesterday evening's visitor was definitely Mrs Marten, looking fit, well and very grown up. This is the third year we've seen her. She may have been back tonight, for the sweet treat had been snaffled by 9.30. A second helping was claimed by a much younger marten, more skittish but equally unconcerned about having a light shone on her bib and in her eyes.

The stage looks set for a busy spring and summer of daylight marten snappery.

Chatterbox Update: After almost four weeks, the print run was completed today. Highland Office Equipment will receive strong words from The Chief Chatterer about the quality of their paper, although an alternative theory has been advanced to explain the many creased pages. This involves a mild winter and cool paper being opened in a warm office with an inadequate dehumidifier. Who knew that publishing could be such a challenge?

Comment from Matchgirl at 07:10 on 13 March 2012.
I think that using the beautiful iPad 2 at work to play Angry Birds counts as 'necessary for work purposes.' Especially since all of the pre-installed games were taken off our work computers in the last upgrade...
Comment from Dee at 19:28 on 13 March 2012.
Angry Birds is actually stress management. And very useful it is too!
Comment from Russell at 22:43 on 13 March 2012.
But how can Matchgirl suffer stress when she lives with me?
Comment from Lizzie at 11:38 on 18 March 2012.
Cut the rope is much more fun!

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