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The Radio Star

by admin - 19:37 on 14 January 2012

It won't go to my head, although this morning was the second time I've been heard on the radio.

The first, in (I think) 1995, was when I took part in Radio Scotland's Tom Morton Show (live in the morning!) in my capacity as a member of a local band (at that time Exit) and talked about the local music scene. I'd looked forward to meeting Tom, so it was a disappointment that he conducted the interview, through the magic of radio, from his home in Shetland. I sat in the Inverness studio with a sound engineer; the third member of the discussion group was in Edinburgh. Another illusion shattered.

At least the three authors of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery and Out Of Doors presenter Mark Stephen were all in the same place when our interview was recorded earlier this week. About six minutes was rescued from the cutting room floor to be broadcast today; skilful editing even made it sound like I knew what I was talking about.

If you've not heard our audio triumph, you'll find it here on iPlayer until next Saturday. We come in after twenty-two minutes, should you not wish to listen to the whole programme.

Mark very decently included my website address in the segment which has led to a huge increase in hits and several online sales. With luck there'll be even more during the week when the outdoor types, who were climbing mountains and braving stormy seas while the programme went out, catch up on iPlayer.

The real world caught up with me when I attended the first market of the year at Cromarty. Attendance and sales were as poor as I'd feared, and were it not for a chance encounter with Viv, owner of The Emporium bookshop, I'd have returned home poorer than when I left. Now the shop has replenished its stock of Bumper Books and everyone's happy.

Several people had heard the broadcast and feedback was uniformly positive. If VisitScotland has any conscience it will pay us, immediately, for our contribution to Black Isle tourism.

Financial Update: Checking my bank balance today, to ensure I could cover the newly arrived credit card bill, I was taken aback to discover that two days ago Mr Taxman paid in an amount slightly more than the tax bill I paid him a few days before that. This was most unexpected.

I await his explanatory letter with interest. As I suspect he might want it back again I won't blow the lot on a new camera. Squirrel James would only be jealous.

Comment from Lynne Holburn at 15:43 on 15 January 2012.
Heard your piece on Radio Scotland this morning. Grand stuff! Home now and logged on to order up my copy of Eilean Dubh. well done to you three...and hope HMRC doesnt recapture the tax!
Comment from Russell at 16:34 on 15 January 2012.
Me too! And thanks for the order.

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