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Chatting At Chanonry

by admin - 22:31 on 11 January 2012

Chanonry Point can be a touch on the chilly side when the wind blows from the wrong direction, so it's fortunate that the lighthouse makes such a good windbreak.

Our interview for Out Of Doors was conducted on the beach, to the bemusement of several passers-by and one inquisitive dog. Squirrel James proved himself a radio natural – not because of his face, but because he could answer questions intelligently and fluently. Andrew and I were rather more halting. We've found our official spokesman.

Presenter Mark Stephen's kit was impressively bijou: a small microphone and a set of headphones connected to a digital recorder the size of a tape cassette which he'll download tonight on to his Mac. The interview was over in less than thirty minutes, so by the time the umms and aahs have been edited out there might be fifteen usable minutes left.

This, we were surprised to hear, will be broadcast on Saturday's programme – there's no hanging around in the world of outdoor journalism. The show is on from 6.30-8am (although Mark said our segment will appear between 7 and 7.30am). If this is too early for you (and I might not be that keen myself) it's repeated on Sunday at the much more sensible time of 11.05am but trimmed down from ninety to fifty-five minutes. Let's hope we survive the cut. If Radio Scotland doesn't reach your part of the world there's always BBC iPlayer.

The bit of Mark's kit which impressed me the most was his gloves: SealSkinz Sporting Gloves featuring a hinged thumb and forefinger which would be very handy. I wonder if Mr Taxman would let me have them as a business expense?

Dancers aged

My almost-winning snap as it appears on Flickr – the competition entry was a different version


Competition Update: Band rehearsals have prevented my attendance at Cromarty Camera Club for much of this season, which means it's a while since I've entered any of its competitions. It's even longer since I entered external ones, mainly because I never win and often can't see the merit of those that do. Not that I'm sulking.

However, one contest caught my eye in December, on the Karl Taylor Photography website, with the theme of Joy – and I had just the picture. The results were out yesterday. I didn't win (the prize was rubbish anyway) but I did make the top twenty-five in a contest whose entrants were worldwide, so I'm reasonably pleased with myself.

Ironically, for someone who rarely uses black and white and doesn't snap people, my semi-successful picture was the wartime dancers at Fort George. You might remember it. All twenty-five finalists, including the winner, can be seen here.

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