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Taking To The Airwaves

by admin - 20:59 on 09 January 2012

Snappery on the radio? It could happen, and soon too.

Squirrel James, ever on the hunt for new ways to raise the profile of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, has been in touch with the BBC Radio Scotland programme Out Of Doors to find out if they'd be interested in featuring the book.

Not only are they interested, they're impatient – presenter Mark Stephen would like to meet us this week if our busy schedules will permit this. Mine, unsurprisingly, will, but James – who's working all possible hours in a bid to amass the purchase price of his dream Canon (a snip at £3,500) – will be more of a challenge.

I look forward to learning how the radio will present snaps. Maybe they'll abandon the idea and put us straight on to television. Makes sense to me, although they do say that the best pictures are on the radio...

Much of my morning involved Bumper Book activity, including dispatch of new volumes to replace those that fell into Royal Mail's black hole. I now know that undeliverable post goes to Northern Ireland, where it's opened in an effort to find who sent it. In future I'll ensure that a return address appears on all packages.

I also now know that the maximum compensation for lost first class post is £43, payable in first class stamps. What a scam.

During a break in my busy morning I climbed aboard one of the good ship GNoME's smaller support craft where I learned from its mutinous crew that all hands from the entire fleet have been summoned to take part in compulsory jollification at the end of the month when Cap'n Gnome will present medals and reveal the name of last year's star oarsperson. What fun. A lack of income does have some benefits.

Busyness continued in the afternoon when I was back on the Mac, producing pages for the spring edition of Chatterbox. Press day is only weeks away and tension is rising. There'll be more to do tomorrow, plus more snappery-related activity and some exciting housework.

I thought unemployment involved long lie-ins and daytime TV. I don't think I'm doing it right.

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