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A Motoring Saga and a Masterchef Mash-up

by admin - 17:36 on 20 December 2011

There appears to be no end in sight to the saga of Mr Ford.

Yesterday evening, at no charge, and after a couple of wrong turnings, chief mechanic Richard from RM Motors very decently turned up at The Rural Retreat in his van and took away the secondhand Mondeo tailgate that's cluttered up the outhouse for the last couple of weeks. So far, so good.

This morning, Mr Ford and I arrived at his premises bright and early, keen for my motor's rear-end looks to be restored, and had only forty-five minutes to wait until Richard's assistant turned up to do his part in the two-man job which was expected to take half an hour; an hour at the outside.

Three hours later...

The tailgate was the right shape but probably a different year. That would explain why all the wiring took a different route to the lock, the heated window and the high-level brake lights. Much chuntering, banging and bodging (they probably have a more professional word for it) ensued. Even the number plate was a nuisance to fix in place.

However, Mr Ford's new rear end is much improved, despite a couple of small old dents and one suspiciously new one which will need some touch-up paint. This might have been caused by Matchgirl and me when we failed to wrestle the tailgate into Mr Ford for his first appointment at the garage but the blame most likely rests with the courier who left it in the outhouse. As there was no-one home to check its condition on arrival, we'll never know.

The only other flaw in Mr Ford's appearance (other than the cracked windscreen) is a slight difference in the shade of silver used in the tailgate when compared with the rest of the car. The compensation is that I now appear to own a Mondeo Ghia X rather than a bottom-of-the-range Mondeo Graphite.

So I can now look forward to some problem-free motoring... except I've a bad feeling that not all is well with the clutch.

Fortunately the BBC was on hand to cheer me up with a report on the year's top ten YouTube videos. The first below was top of the heap but my favourite was in sixth place – you'll never watch Masterchef in the same light.


Comment from Soo at 11:24 on 21 December 2011.
Masterchef will never be the same, that was just so funny.
So when does the training start is the car going to be up to it? or was it really just in Matchgirls imagination? (You have to read her blog to understand)
Comment from Russell at 16:59 on 21 December 2011.
I leave the training schedule to the expert. She'll probably be faster than the car.

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