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A Cat Untouched By Crisis

by admin - 22:36 on 29 November 2011

The austerity that's swept across the globe has touched almost everyone – but not Bess.

Our moggy continues to behave as though the world revolves around her and her culinary fads. Money may be tight, but the gourmet doesn't care: if she doesn't like the look of what's in her dish, even something she's happily enjoyed in the past, she'll turn up her nose and mooch around until Matchgirl finds new feline treats.

This is clearly part of a cunning plan. There are now so many cat foods refused by our picky puss that soon the only thing we'll be able to feed her is deli chicken and fresh salmon.

The silver lining is that I'll be able to exist for some time on the tins she's rejected. As my income dwindles I may have no choice.

Motor Update: Mr Ford's replacement tailgate, ordered through eBay on Sunday, arrived at The Rural Retreat today – impressive service considering it was dispatched from Cheshire.

As I was labouring aboard the good ship GNoME, on what might be my penultimate voyage, Mr Courier left his delivery in the outhouse, swathed in cardboard and bubblewrap, so I've yet to examine the goods.

The tailgate seems much bigger and heavier when not attached to the car and supported on telescopic struts; getting it to the garage could be interesting. What's for certain is that I won't attempt to put it on myself.

It's surprising what damage can be done with only a spanner.

Comment from BikerMike at 06:25 on 30 November 2011.
When I was about 10, my mother got a 2 year old Siamese cat from a friend. This cat had been fed raw liver all its life which my mother continued. After about a month my father said that the cat was eating better than we were. Mind you there were three children to feed also. So the raw liver was discontinued. Took about 3 days and the cat decided that what was in the dish was good enough to eat. ;-)
Comment from Russell at 14:31 on 01 December 2011.
But Matchgirl couldn't resist the piteous cries that long!

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