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Sales, Sounds and Sunsets

by admin - 20:33 on 07 November 2011

Another request flooded in today for more copies of The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery, which could take available stock below one hundred, so our foresight in ordering another thousand from Tigger & Co has proved invaluable.

However... six weeks ago we were told they'd be ready in four weeks. Last week around a third of the books had been printed and bound. Nothing's ever simple in the high-pressure world of self-publishing. At least we know we can collect a part of our order and keep the Christmas present-buying hordes at bay.

Sales have now passed eleven hundred and demand is still steady. Who'd have thought it?

Apart from that excitement, the day's been quiet for Bess and me – at least, as quiet as it can be when practising the bass in anticipation of Friday's Strawdogs debut, at The Winking Owl in Aviemore.

Plans for a final rehearsal on Wednesday have been scuppered by a lack of places to play so our last chance to get things right will be at Mulbuie on Thursday. This isn't ideal, for Garry will have to hold back if he's to have any voice left for The Big Night. Friday could be an interesting evening.

After The Sunset 2

The Pentax almost didn't come out today, but then I saw the afterglow of the sunset through the trees at the bottom of the garden. Much snapping followed, from which three snaps were worth keeping.

I'd have done better if I'd used the tripod but as the colours were what I wanted I'm not too concerned about a bit of shake. That's my excuse, anyway.

After The Sunset 1

Comment from James at 21:53 on 07 November 2011.
Sales have now passed eleven hundred and demand is still steady. Who'd have thought it?


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