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Ready To Rock

by admin - 20:57 on 23 September 2011

The Band That Still Has No Definite Name is making cautious progress – so much so that we've set a date for the first gig with Michael in place of Adam.

To maximise our chances of a friendly audience the venue will be Mulbuie Hall, on Friday evening, October 21. Bring your own bottle. And picnic. Proceeds to hall funds. Ticket prices and doors open time are undecided but the price of entry will be modest.

We've still got a way to go to reach concert pitch, if yesterday's get-together is anything to go by, but we can guarantee a couple of hours of danceable tunes, especially if you like Killers, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon.

And as Matt's broken his first drumstick on his new electronic kit, we can't be far from ready.

Wildlife Update: Proof that the Clan Speedy has been released from captivity in Rosemarkie came with a sighting yesterday afternoon, although the sight wasn't the best. The individual I saw looked on the scrawny side, which isn't good with hibernation not far away, and may explain what he was doing out in the daytime.

Despite that, he turned up his snout at Matchgirl's hedgehog food and scuttled into the bushes. The food had gone later – whether eaten by hoggies or opportunistic birds I don't know.

More infra red video of hungry martens (and the occasional hoggy) has been captured. Sorting of the footage has begun and production of an edited video will start soon.

Finally, Matchgirl reports hearing the pitter-patter of little feet and the rattle of cat biscuits this afternoon; our mouse has found his way back indoors or a rival has taken advantage of his absence. Bess, the small game hunter, slept through the incursion.

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