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Mistaken Identity

by admin - 22:30 on 01 September 2011

What Matchgirl didn't make clear last night was that Bess was the only eyewitness to our 7pm garden visit – one that left the resident moggy rather shaken.

Bess kept a wary eye on the garden, through the window, for much of the evening; she cowered behind her legs when Matchgirl opened the door. She assumed that the ace vole hunter had been spooked by three boisterous kits, or even a macho male marten.

Examination of the Bushnell this morning revealed the truth – egg and Nutella had not been taken by martens but by two large dalmatians. No wonder Bess was cautious.

The dogs are walked – clearly with insufficient control – by a resident of the nearby village. Words may have to be spoken.

Trophy Cam 12

Real marten visits took place around 9.30pm, 3.30am and 4.30am. The last visitor was definitely Mrs Marten, as the snap confirms.

This afternoon I spent some time at Squirrel James's secret lair in unnamed Black Isle woodland. Although squirrels were neither seen nor heard I enjoyed a peaceful two hours, entertained by the coal tits who zipped around the trees and perched within touching distance. Great fun.

Comment from James at 08:07 on 02 September 2011.
Did you notice the marten poop just as you walk in the forest? I've left my camera trap out to get an idea of when the reds are coming to visit.
Comment from Russell at 10:27 on 02 September 2011.
I noticed lots of it!
Comment from BikerMike at 14:19 on 02 September 2011.
I'm not surprised there is so much marten poop. They get so much shoved down their gullet it must come out non-stop! ;-)

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