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Making an Exhibition of Ourselves

by admin - 19:39 on 28 August 2011

Autumn has begun already – wild wind, rain, chill temperatures (especially if you're Matchgirl), and the first leaves off the trees. Bess is also unimpressed, although it's not stopped The New Rodent Holocaust.

The bad weather is a pity, for the staff at Cromarty Courthouse told us this afternoon that sun drives tourists into the museum, where our exhibition opened today, so they can cool off. In weather like today's they don't leave their B&Bs, hotels and caravans. Such is life.

However, the exhibition – put together by Andrew – looks great and it's there for a month so there's plenty of time for free-spending trippers and locals to admire our snaps and The Bumper Book of Black Isle Snappery.

By chance, we bumped into a couple when Squirrel James and I, accompanied by Mrs Squirrel and Matchgirl, called into The Emporium after a celebratory lunch to ask the staff to put up an exhibition poster. James and I were stood nonchalantly beside the gratifyingly small pile of Bumper Books still for sale there when two visitors entered and made a beeline for them.

"Good book, that," James told one of them as she leafed through, oohing and ahhing at the delights inside. Her double-take when she reached the photographers' mugshots on the last page was worth the wait. Much chat ensued and two more sales were made.

Trophy Cam 11

Bushnell Update: Replacement batteries have given the Trophy Cam a new lease of life. A few marten snaps and much hedgehog action was captured last night, including this touching scene. Whether it's Mrs Speedy and offspring I couldn't say, for it's impossible to determine how many individuals sprint around the garden after dark. The inaccurate date and time are there because I forgot to reset them.

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