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An Easy Life For Cats

by admin - 23:10 on 25 August 2011

The departure of our only neighbours is a boon for Bess, who spent much of the afternoon exploring the garden left behind by the Montagues and sprawling on its patio, safe in the knowledge that Romeo is no longer likely to leap at her from behind a bush.

I kept her company and discovered that unkempt horticulture hid not only a plum tree but also two varieties of apple tree, all in desperate need of pruning. If the properties remain unsold long enough there'll be a fine harvest in a few weeks.

Another manifestation of Bess's growing territoriality is at the expense of The Rural Retreat's garden rodents. A generously proportioned ex-mouse was found abandoned on the lawn this morning, just a couple of days after The Great Vole Rescue.

Another vole was less lucky. The small game hunter shouted at me this afternoon until I left the cottage, whereupon she trotted down the path to where her latest victim lay, showed it to me with pride, then ate it. Cats are so cute.

Band Update: The Band With No Definite Name convened tonight for the first get-together with its new guitarist, Michael, in place of the departed Adam. After a couple of hours of rock it was agreed that we still have a future. A comeback gig has been pencilled in for October.

The evening was notable for Matt's new drum-kit – an electronic one that can be carried around in one piece. Even better, it has a volume control.

Bushnell Update: Martens and hedgehogs again featured in last night's sparse numer of snaps, but only until midnight. After that there were no snaps. A cold, rainy night might explain why the Bushnell failed to detect movement – just the kind of night, in fact, when I probably should have used the most sensitive setting, not the normal one to which I reverted after the previous night's memory card overload. I'll master the thing eventually.

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