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Action After Dark

by admin - 17:38 on 22 August 2011

The Bushnell captured much after-dark action last night – who'd have thought the garden was so busy?

I've just about got the camera settings sorted, although they still allow for some mystery: in one snap an egg is clearly visible on the willow log; twenty seconds later it's gone, with no sign of who took it. Tonight I'll reduce the length of time allowed between snaps.

Video can also be captured with the Bushnell. I'll save that for later.

Trophy Cam 3

Mrs Marten (I believe) was first to be snapped at the dining area, just after 10.30, so she's prime suspect in The Case of the Disappearing Egg, especially as she was caught coming and going a couple of times.

Trophy Cam 5

Next in the frame, at almost 2am, was one of the Speedy clan, who proved unable to climb logs as nimbly as boulders. Don't worry – I'd left food for them elsewhere (unless martens got there first). Another member returned at 3.35 but left unsatisfied.

This was good news for mustelids. A marten (I can't tell who) was back after 5.15 to finish off the nuts and any traces of Nutella.

Trophy Cam 6

That meant the log was clean when the final night-time visitor ambled past a few minutes later – a very hefty hedgehog. To give you an idea of scale, the log is nine inches in diameter.

Vole 1

More wildlife action occurred in daylight. The sound of happy yowls in the garden this afternoon led me to the garden where Bess was tormenting an innocent vole. I distracted the murderous moggy long enough to allow her prey to hide beneath a leaf, after which she lost interest and wandered away, grumbling.

Vole 2

The unfortunate vole then had to put up with me chasing it with the Pentax until I took pity and let it escape.

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